This page explains the JEMRF Wireless Switch Sensor
Wireless Switch Sensor

Product Description

The Wireless Switch Sensor can sense the opening or closing of a tactile switch. Usually used for door window sensing for alarm system, but is also the foundation for other sensors like water sensor and motion sensor.


  • Install battery and close enclosure as described here.

  • Thread the antennae through the the case enclosure and push the sensor into place within the enclose

Wireless Switch Sensor
Wireless Switch Sensor
  • Close the enclosure case using a Phillips screw driver
Wireless Switch Sensor

Sensor testing

Product Specifications


  • 2.2-3.3V
  • Powered by CR2032 coin cell battery
  • Can be externally powered by soldering to the 3V3 and GND through holes on the PCB
  • Most energy efficient when the BTN contacts are not connected, therefore use a normally closed switch to monitor a door/window that is normally closed and a normally open switch to monitor a door/window that is normally open
  • Tested at 288 (144 door open/door close) messages per day for 1 year on one battery


  • Standard JemRF wireless sensor, refer RF Communications section for all the details
  • Highly configurable
  • Opening or closing the switch will cause the device to come out of sleep mode, transmit a reading and then go back to sleep
  • For Flex modules use Pin 6 and Pin 10 to connect to the external switch

Messaging details

  • BUTTONON- (sent when the switch is open)
  • BUTTONOFF (sent when the switch is closed)
  • STATEON- (the switch state is sent every INYVL minutes if the switch is open)
  • STATEOFF (the switch state is sent every INTVL minutes if the switch is closed)
  • BUTTON (the BUTTON command requests the the switch state from the sensor)


  • 36mm x 36mm x 15mm case size (1.42” x 1.42” x .59”)

Default configuration

  • Type 1 (Type 1 sensor)
  • NOMSG3 (Sends 3 switch readings every time the switch state changes)
  • INTVL030 (Sends the switch state every 30 minutes)
  • SLEEP (puts the device into sleep mode)
  • Refer device configuration for more details