This page explains how to integrate our RF Modules with PrivateEyePi

PrivateEyePi is a cloud based alarm and monitoring solution for Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi.

What you will need

What you need to know beforehand:

  • How to operate a Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi Zero V2
  • You have already set up your IoT Gateway and tested your sensor
  • Some Python programming knowledge is preferable but not mandatory as we provide you with the source code and instruction on how to run it


Below are the minimal steps to install PrivateEyePi and run the PrivateEyePi interface for the RF Sensors. More information can be found on the website (

  1. If you have not already installed PrivateEyePi, do so as follows:

    Open a command prompt on the Raspberry Pi and create a directory for PrivateEyePi:


     cd /home/pi
     mkdir pep
     cd pep
     wget -N
  2. Create an account on PrivateEyePi The following steps must be completed on a web browser:
    • Go to website
    • Click on the “New User” link
    • Type in the details and click the “Update” button
    • From the User menu option create a new token and copy it to your clipboard
  3. Copy the token to the file
     cd /home/pi/pep
     sudo nano
     Look for token="" and paste the token in between the braces.
     Save using Ctrl-x followed by 'y'
  4. Run