JemRF radio modules are easy to use wireless data transmission modules where all the error checking, encoding, packetization and CRC done for you. Build prototypes in minutes. Requires no programming and no drivers. Long range communication up to 1 KM within line of sight. Supports point-to-multi-point, multi-point-to-point, multi-point-to-multi-point or point-to-point network topologies. All devices have built-in 128-bit AES encryption for secure over the air transmissions.The devices are configurable through the serial interface or over the air.

Introduction to RF Networks

The different network topologies the JemRF RF sensors support.

Star Network

Any number of nodes transmitting and receiving data from one central hub. Sensor nodes can sleep to conserve battery power. No direct communication between the sensor nodes.

Star Network

Multiple Star Networks

Start networks can be combined by creating multiple star networks on their own PanId’s. Messages can be directed to specific gateways by assigning PanId’s to each sensor.

Multiple Star Networks

Redundant network

Multiple gateways can be configured on the same PanId to create a redundant network. All radio traffic travels to all gateways so if you lose a gateway then you have a hot backup. Additional gateways can also be installed in areas of poor reception to improve network coverage. Message de-duplication logic must be built either within the gateway or further down in back end systems connected to the network.

Redundant Network

Point-to-point Communications

Two or more MCU’s can communicate directly with each other as shown below.