This page describes the Device ID and how to change it.

The Device ID is a two character unique identifier for each device. The ID is appended to each radio message so that the receiver of the message can determine which sensor sent the message. The Device ID is also used to address a device when sending a command. When a device receives a message (whether it arrives through the serial port or over the radio) the device compares the Device ID of the in-coming message to its own Device ID. If there is a match then the device will action the command.

Message ID Default Settings

The standard Device ID of a IoT Gateway is 01 and the standard Device ID of sensors is a random number between 01 and 99.

How to change the Device ID

The Device ID can be changed using the CHDEVID command.

Command: CHDEVID[p1]
Response: CHDEVID[p1]

Where: p1 = The new two character ID

The below example changes the Device ID from 03 to 05:

python 03 CHDEVID05
SENT     : 03CHDEVID05