This page describes the encryption related configurations and how to enable encryption.

128-bit AES encryption can be enabled between RF devices using a 16 character private key that is sent to each device before enabling encryption.

The 16 Character encryption key should be sent to each device through the serial port. Refer the hardware and firmware section of this documentation for serial port connection details for the device you have.

Frequency Default Setting

Encryption is off by default and and the 16 character password is 16 spaces.

How to enable encryption

  1. Configure the encryption key pass-phrase

    Command: ATEA[p1]
    Response: ATEA[p2]

    Where: p1 = is a 16 character pass-phrase p2 = the first 5 characters of the pass-phrase

    The below example sets the pass-phrase to MyPassPhrase1234:

     python 03 ATEAMyPassPhrase1234 
     SENT     : 03ATEAMyPassPhrase1234
  2. Enable Encryption

    Command: ATEE[p1]
    Response: ATEE[p1]

    Where: p1 = is 1 for on and 0 for off

    The below example enables Encryption:

     python 03 ATEE1 
     SENT     : 03ATEE1

The device with device ID 03 will now encrypt all outgoing messages and decrypt incoming messages