This Document describes how to create a Monitoring JemRF Account

How to Create a Monitoring Account at is an interactive monitoring service provided by JemRF. It has a free tier level support for monitoring. This procedure shows how to become a monitoring user and get you Token. The token is used to link data from your sensors to your account.

Initial Login Page

Start by going to You will get the initial Welcome page. On the right side is the sign-in option.

JemRF Welcome Page

Create a new Account

If you do not have an account click on the “Register” button and that will bring up the create new account page show here:

JemRF Register Page

After you click on Register, you will get a message that a validation link has been sent to your email. May take one or two minutes to get the email. Click on then valdidate link and your account will be created and ready to login.

Login to JemRF

Once validated, your account will be ready for you to login. Go back to the Welcome Page and click on Login.

JemRF Login Page

If you have any problems, email: sales @ for help.

Getting your Token

Once your account is ready and you have logged in, follow these steps to get you Token.

Step 1

Once logged in, next to your name is a drop down arrow, click on the arrow and a menu will appear:

Select Account Page

At top select Edit Profile

Step 2

Select the Edit Account(s) option and the edit account page will appear.

Edit Account Page

Step 3

Click on the edit icon to the right of the Token Field to get the Create Token form.

Get Token Page

If you have an old PEP token you want to use, you can past it in the Token Field, if not click on Generate Token and a token will be filled in. Click on Accept Token, that validates it is unique, then click on Save to save the token to your account. The Account page will reappear, (page shown in Step 2). Your token will now be shown where the blue line is. You can now copy the token to use on your device setup page.


When you get your device configured. It will start sending to the monitoring service. An icon representing your sensor will automatically appear on the Dashboard. Using the Sensor tab, you can select each sensor and edit the control ranges and give the sensors a name or location code if you want.