This page describes the PANID setting and how to change it.

The Personal Area Network ID (PanID) defines the ID associate with the network of sensors. As shown in the Overview Section you can group sensors by assigning them to different networks. This enables you to sub-divide your sensor networks and direct traffic to specific receivers. The PanID is a 5 digit numeric (00000-99999).

For two devices to communicate they must have the same Frequency and channel and PanID.

PanID Default Settings

The standard PanID is set to 23205.

How to change the Device ID

The PanID can be changed using the ATID command.

Command: ATID[p1]
Response: ATID[p1]

Where: p1 = The new 5 digit all numeric number (00000 to 99999)

The below example changes the PanID to 12345:

python 03 ATID12345
SENT     : 03ATID12345

The device requires a reboot to enable the new PanID.