JemRF Document Structure

JemRF provides a wide range of wireless sensors using low frequency RF and standard WiFi. This is our introduction to our document structure to help your find the information you need. From here we provide documents to provide details on all our devices, how to use, experimental projects and our associated monitoring services.

RF Wireless Overview

JemRF radio modules are easy to use wireless data transmission modules where all the error checking, encoding, packetization and CRC done for you. The RF Documents provide details in the networking structure used, the message types, message formats, help getting started and more. The advantages of our RF wireless devices is the low frequency has a range of 1000 feet in open line of site and can penetrate most refrigerator and freezer walls to report the internal temperatures.

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WiFi Overview

We use standard 2.4MHz WiFi for our devices. They are stand alone devices that can operated locally. They can also be configured to send data samples one of our monitoring services. There are several configuration for the WiFi Sensor, plus DIY options.

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JemRF Projects Overview

Our project site will help with getting our RF products online and reporting to a monitoring server. There we provide help learning hardware interfacing sensors with a Raspberry Pi and interacting with our projects sever at

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JemRF Monitoring Overview

JemRF Monitoring provides a professional monitoring site scaled to support organizations or businesses of all sizes. With services available and adaptable for operating from multiple locations. Offering free accounts with every purchase to get started.

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PrivateEyePi Introduction

We also offer general purpose monitoring services fully extensible for the home user and software developer. Uniquely secure on our own PrivateEyePi server.

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